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Manifest The Success You Deserve: Hala Taha

Born and raised in New Jersey, Hala started her career at Hot97! After being fired and cut off three years into working for free, she used that experience to launch herself into success. But it didn’t come easy!

The next 5 years, Hala saw ups and downs, being promised two MTV opportunities to only be taken away. Hala Taha is now the host of Young and Profiting Podcast, frequently ranked as a #1 Education podcast across all apps.

Hala is also the CEO of YAP Media, a full-service social media and podcast marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities and CEOs projected to generate over $1M in revenue in its first year. She is well-known for her engaged following and influence on Linkedin, and she landed the January 2021 cover of Podcast Magazine.

She started Young and Profiting Podcast and YAP Media as a side hustle, and now has several high-profile clients and over 40 employees. Hala is an expert on networking, personal branding, Linkedin marketing, side hustles, entrepreneurship, and podcasting.

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