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From Gangs to Pageants to Finance, 9/11 Survivor: Shana Sissel

Born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, Shana Sissel currently resides in Chicago as the Chief Investment Officer at Spotlight Asset Group, Inc. Growing up, Shana found herself involved with gangs at a young age.

Desperate to turn her around, her cop-father enrolled her in finishing school, which opened Shana's eyes to pageant life. At 23, Shana serendipitously landed a job in finance, where she finally felt like she found her passion.

But her life didn't get easier; shortly after she took that job, she was attending a work seminar in NYC on the 64th floor of 2 World Trade Center on 9/11. Listen to how Shana survived two of the most famous terrorist attacks on the US of not only 9/11 but the Boston Marathon Bombings. This is a story of grit and determination and how reinvesting in yourself will bring you opportunities you never thought you could have.

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